Games & Troubleshooting


Perfect throw


This is what a perfect throw looks like

Throwen to sideways

Throwen accross the body

keep your arm as vertical as possiable.
Left Handed | Right Handed

Throwen upside down

Throwen upside down

Turn the boomerang over.

Throwen vertical

Throwen vertical

Check that you are tilting the boomerang to 1 or 11 o'clock.
Left Handed | Right Handed

Too much sipn

too much spin or flaps folded too much

Check that the flaps are not folded too much or try throwing it with less of a spin.
Left Handed | Right Handed

Throwen too hard

Throwen too hard

Try throwing the boomerang with less force.


Trick Catch

Try catching the boomerang behind your back, under your legs or with your eyes closed.

Accuracy Catch

Try catching the boomerang in the exact same place for as many throws as possiable.

Fast Catch

Throw and catch the boomerang as man times as you can in 1 minuite.

Target throw

Throw the boomerang and try and get it to land in the same place every time.